Xposed framework for Android N 7.1, but is it worth installing?

Xposed Framework: Android Nougat 7.1

What we liked:

Well first off we liked that it does work, I will add, the developers haven't had time to adapt the modules to nougat yet as Xposed was not working before with nougat.

What we didn't like:

Not a lot of the moduels work as I already mentioned, however the larger issue is the constant crashing of almost any application it seems. I'm sure the developers will catch up but right now I wouldn't personally recommend running Xposed unless you just like tinkering with stuff. I will add since the Uninstaller was provided there is not an issue installing and then uninstalling Xposed.

uninstalled, still having issues?

If are you still having issues after uninstalling Xposed, simply re-flash your rom, wipe cache and del-vik and you should be good to go.

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